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A Word from Pastor Marcus

Dear Friends:
Yesterday’s despicable events in our nation’s Capital brought into clear focus the vile and violent nature of falsehood and lies when deemed as “facts” by supporters of Mr. Trump. His words, over the entirety of his term, are responsible for the display of unconscionable destruction, including the loss of life.
All people of good sense and goodwill categorically denounce the damage done to our democracy by mob-motivated insurrectionists. Protest and demonstration did not occur on January 6, 2021—this was an attempted coup and overthrow to prevent the ratification of an election result.
I find the absence (and late response) of federal security as yet another example of inequity birthed of white privilege and white supremacy. By contrast, last summer’s peaceful Black Lives Matter protests—with no storming of the Capitol or 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.—produced a militarized security response. The image of a rioter raising a confederate flag, desecrating the rotunda, is seared in memory now. Can anyone doubt how black Americans would have been met by armed forces?
Denunciation over the actions of an unhinged mob, as well as the political performance-theatre antics of elected officials, has come from all corners of our society. More than vandalism happened, and this was well beyond policy differences between Democrats and Republicans, it was a reprehensible display of anarchy. And it must stop now. In fact, this mustn’t be tolerated so as to never be repeated again. Those responsible must be held accountable for yesterday’s events.
As a people of prayerful action, our prayers for restoration of peaceful order and stability within the country are essential right now. May God help us find our way into a new and different day. And may the God of peace, incarnated in the life of Jesus, guide us in the path of justice.

With much affection for you,

Your Pastor

Marcus W. McFaul 

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