Camino Days 2 & 3

The Camino began in earnest on Wednesday morning as we walked 7 miles down from the Alto de Perdon (see the fog!) through Obanos (not Barack) into Ponte de Reina.

After the descent down the very rocky mountain we found footing on mostly flat paths in some truly breathtaking landscapes. Olive trees and grape vines aplenty as well as farm fields.

My companions on this Camino are terrific travel mates; one from about a mile away from me in Fearrington Village (Jenny), Bridgid from Lubbock, Texas, several others from NC, west coast/east coasters, denominational staff, former clergy, writers, and a rancher.

The first few photos are from a chapel named Santa Maria de Eunate. The word Eunate means “the 100th door.” Brad, our guide, explained the back and forth nature of Christian-Muslim rule in this part of Spain. So, there are 33 arches around the church (corresponding with the 33 beads on a prayer bead), and there are 3 (trinitarian don’t you see) circular courtyards. If you travel all three (33×3) you get 99 (corresponding to the 99 names for God in Islamic understanding). Then you arrive at the 100th door (Eunate) and enter this 6th century church. Both Christians and Muslims built the church.

Interfaith cooperation isn’t all that new after all it seems.

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