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Our Staff

McFaul SQ
Marcus McFaul
Senior Minister
Amy Armstrong
Minister of Children, Youth, and Young Adults
Sally Molyneux
Sally Molyneux
Minister of Music
Susan Rogers
Susan Rogers
Interim Minister of Adult Christian Formation
Diane Eubanks Hill headshot.
Diane Eubanks Hill
Interim Minister of Senior Adults
Gloira Lightsey-Lewis Headshot
Gloria Lightsey-Lewis
Voluntary Minister of Pastoral Care
Mike Harris
Michael Harris
Interim Organist & Accompanist
Donna Crisp
Donna Crisp
Office Manager
Terry Halbach
Terry Halbach
Business Manager
Mauricio Galvez Headshot
Mauricio Galvez
Facilities Manager
megan hollenbeck
Megan Hollenbeck
Media Specialist
Carl Wetter
Carl Wetter
Sound Technician