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Alternative Gifts Fair

The AGF is an opportunity for you to give Christmas gifts by contributing to or buying things from charitable organizations. You simply make a donation to participating organizations in honor of people on your Christmas list. Sometimes you get a product in recognition of your donation. Gifts are generally tax deductible. This year the AGF will be small, as it was last year.
There will be tables either inside the narthex or immediately outside following the 11 AM service.

This year we will feature organizations with direct Binkley connections like the Bail Bond Project.

Alamance Orange Prison Ministry A Christian ministry to the incarcerated at the Orange Correctional Center, including a full-time chaplain, volunteer-run Bible studies and fellowship, and resources, including for the transition out of prison. The Prison Ministry will offer one-pound bags of shelled pecans.  Matthew 25:36.

“Adopt a Person at Christmas” Orange Co. DSS provides an opportunity to support a child or adult in need with holiday gifts.  Donating to this charity involves a significant commitment so people often join together to fulfill a Christmas wish list. Orange County DSS suggests we spend $200 to $250 on children and $75-100 on adults. This year, as in past years, the Chancel Choir and the Church Staff have each chosen a child to sponsor. That leaves another child and two senior adults for the rest of us to adopt.  The turn-around to get gifts to the Church is fast – by Tuesday, December 5th.

Bail Bond Project- Begun by Binkley member Kimberly Brewer nearly 5 years ago and now chaired by Binkley member Ashley Nissler, the Bail Bond Project observes first criminal court appearances in Orange County District Court and compiles and reports on the results, and as well provides bail assistance. This Advent season, the Bail Bond Project wants to contribute to commissary accounts for indigent individuals jailed pretrial and to provide hygiene kits when they leave the jail. Your donations will help fund this latest effort.

Binkley Preschool offers beautiful wreaths and holiday greenery for you to order. Pick up will be at the church in early December.  Money raised supports scholarships to the Preschool.

Chatham County Books Project- Binkley member Emily Bradshaw is offering homemade gifts for sale to fund book purchases for a Siler City public school with a significant non-English-speaking population.

Christmas House (Chapel Hill Service League)- Binkley member Kimberly Eastman Zirkle, co-chair, Lillian and Howard Lee, honorary co-chairs. Christmas House is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides gifts for more than 900 local children, all from families referred by local school social workers as being most in need of assistance. Binkley’s Building has been the site of the Christmas House for many years. Parents and guardians are admitted into our fellowship hall and are allowed to pick Christmas gifts and winter clothes for their children. Many Binkley women have worked in the Chapel Hill Service League through the years.

Good Bowls- Alice Ammerman, who you may remember faithfully brought her dad, Binkley member Howard Ammerman, to church every Sunday before his death, began Equiti Foods which produces Good Bowls based on research into good nutrition. Good Bowls provides healthy frozen foods based on the Mediterranean diet using locally sourced food. You can buy meals for yourself, gift a friend or family member or donate to provide Good Bowls meals for those in need.  Good Bowls can take credit cards.

– During this critical time of trauma and fear for Palestinians, Binkley member Mary Lou Smith is providing an opportunity to donate to Hope Flowers School, affording children K-6 in Bethlehem a safe place for hope, healing, learning, and empowerment. With your donation, you will be able to choose Palestinian Fair-Trade products of olive oil, dates and olive wood providing support during this crisis. Online donations:


The Inter-Faith Council (IFC) for Social Service– Meets basic needs and helps individuals and families achieve their goals. It provides shelter, food, direct services, advocacy and information to people in need. It accomplishes this through strong partnerships with volunteers, staff and those served. It relies on the active involvement of caring individuals, congregations and other community organizations. Binkley was a founding member.

Me Fine Foundation- Binkley member Joey Powell, Executive Director. The Me Fine Foundation provides emotional support and financial assistance to families whose children are receiving medical care at Duke, UNC or Wake Med hospitals.  It is named in memory of a toddler who always responded “Me fine” when asked how he felt after many, many chemotherapies and medical treatments.

Please bring cash or a checkbook as credit card shopping is rarely available.

Sponsored by the Outreach Committee.


Nov 26 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


1712 Willow Drive Chapel Hill, NC


Roal Carlson

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