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Gift Boxes with Bows

Alternative Gifts Fair

The Alternative Gifts Fair (AGF) is an opportunity for you to give Christmas gifts by contributing to or buying things from charitable organizations. You simply make a donation to participating organizations in honor of people on your Christmas list. Sometimes you get a product in recognition of your donation. Gifts are generally tax deductible.

This year the AGF will be small, as it was last year. There will be tables either inside the narthex or immediately outside (depending on the weather) following the 11 am service on Sunday, November 13.

Organizations will include the Orange County Social Services Share Your Holiday Program (you buy gifts for children and adults from wish lists), Josh’s Hope (with woodworking projects made by participants), Hope Flowers School (see additional information below), Binkley Preschool (providing Christmas wreaths for delivery to the church early In December), Alamance-Orange Prison Ministry (providing pecans), and perhaps a few others.

Please bring cash or a checkbook as credit card shopping is rarely available.

Sponsored by the Outreach Committee.

Support Children at the Unique Peacebuilding Hope Flowers School in Bethlehem, Palestine!

Every dollar of Equal Exchange goods purchased at the Alternative Gifts Fair will benefit Palestinian children, who confront Israeli oppression on a daily basis as they are bussed from refugee camps and villages through threatening roadways to reach a safe haven at Hope Flowers School.

Binkley has supported this school with yearly gifts and solidarity for many years. All of us can help Hope Flowers School know of our continued solidarity amidst their struggles for empowerment, as well as our support for their emphasis on trauma education within an open, inclusive environment valuing human rights.

At the Fair: Choose from Palestinian olive oil or Palestinian Medjool dates; or take-home Equal Exchange chocolate bars, almonds, or cashews.

Alternatively, contact Mary Lou Smith to arrange the delivery of goods and payment. Online donations can be accepted at US Friends of Hope Flowers.


Nov 13 2022


1712 Willow Drive Chapel Hill, NC


Roal Carlson

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