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Bans Off Our Bodies Prayer Vigil

The “Bans Off Our Bodies” group invites you to a time to reflect and pray regarding the critical mid-term elections taking place across the United States of America tomorrow. There is reason to be anxious and concerned about the path our country is on, and we create this space for us to come together, pause, breathe and pray for elections across this country. We pray that our nation will lean into her desire of justice for all. That justice for all, will move towards being truly inclusive of all – unlike the injustice that weaves it through our nation’s history. We pray that all peoples everywhere will be treated with respect and dignity without regard for gender, race, ability, ethnicity, socio-economic status, education, gender identity, sexual orientation or any other distinction. We pray that our eyes, hearts, minds will be continually opened to greater expressions of justice both near to home and nationwide.
We invite you into our space to pray. You are welcome to stay for just a few minutes or for as long as you’d like. All are welcome. You may sit in silence, or speak your prayers aloud. There are labyrinths to trace with your fingers as you pray or mandalas to color. There are prayers that may speak to you or guides that may aid you in the prayers of your heart. You are welcome to light a candle, but are not required to do so. This is your space to pray – whatever that looks like to you.
And if you wish to join us, but are unable to do so, we share THESE RESOURCES with you, that you may choose to use in solidarity with us from the space where you find yourself.


Nov 07 2022


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


1712 Willow Drive Chapel Hill, NC

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