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Binkley Quiet Weekend

After a two-year Covid delay, the Binkley Quiet Weekend during Advent is back! To those of you who are wondering, “Just what is a quiet weekend?”: it is simply a time to step aside from your usual responsibilities and routine to make time and space for relaxation and reflection. There is an emphasis on slowing down and being quiet so you can listen to that “still, small voice.” There will be opportunities for contemplative discussion interspersed with sitting in silence as well as personal time to read, relax, journal, draw, walk or talk with friends—or just rest.

Fall is almost here so holidays are not far behind. If thoughts of holidays compound your pandemic fatigue, prepare yourself for a more peaceful Advent by joining a small group of Binkley members and friends. The theme this year is “The Advent Mystery of New Beginnings.” If you find yourself yearning for a new beginning but feeling ungrounded and uncertain or still grieving over the many losses of the last few years, this may be the right weekend for you.

COST (per person):
-$300 Single Occupancy
-$150 Double Occupancy

REGISTRATION: To hold your place, please write a check to Binkley and return the registration form to Alice Glover.

For more information on registration, contact Alice Glover.

For more information about the weekend program, contact Janet O’Neal or Lori Cahill.

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