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Enneagram Workshop with Marilyn Wolf

The Enneagram: A Map for Understanding Ourselves & Others

This workshop is for the beginner as well as for those with a basic understanding of the Enneagram who want a deeper understanding of how some core elements come together to form a path for increased self-awareness and growth. Even if you attended an earlier workshop, this will be an excellent review and a way to expand your knowledge. The Enneagram is a bottomless well and we can never go too deep.

Specifically, we will cover:

  • The 3 “Centers of Intelligence” and the core needs found within each
  • How the 9 Types attempt to get these core needs met
  • The meaning of the inner connecting lines, and the “wings” which influence how the Types show up in their everyday lives

Workshop Format: with her lively and engaging style, Marilyn has become a popular local Enneagram teacher. She combines instructions with group participation as she has found this is the best way for people to learn what it means to be a certain type.

To read about more Marilyn as an Enneagram teacher and coach, go to

Cost: $40/person


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May 06 2023


10:00 am - 3:00 pm


Room 17 (Art Room)
1712 Willow Drive Chapel Hill, NC

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