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political unrest

Friends of Binkley (FoB) Book Club Meeting

Feeling overwhelmed by the political and social chaos swirling about us and experiencing anxiety about the urgency to save democracy? How are television, radio, and other media, including social media, contributing to these emotions and what are the impacts on adults and children? How can we better handle the current media onslaught?

To prepare for the discussion participants are invited to listen to or read one or all of three Ezra Klein’s podcast which are interviews with 3 experts on the “Attention Industry” and how it is impacting all our lives and how to regain some balance. CLICK HERE to access the podcast, plus a short entry from NYT columnist, David Brooks.

A Zoom link will be sent in advance to all who wish to join in the discussion of this very readable and engaging book. Contact any member of the organizing team to signal your interest: Sharlene Meisner, Cate Alexander, Diana Coble, or Charles Coble.


Jan 16 2024


12:00 pm - 1:15 pm



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