Stewardship 2020: Seeds of Compassion

Dear Compassionate Congregants (Binkley members, friends and supporters),

What are you compassionate about?

How do you answer this question… as it relates to stewardship at Binkley Baptist Church? In keeping with Binkley’s Year of Compassion, this year’s stewardship theme is Seeds of Compassion: Awareness, Attitude, Action. Hopefully this will be a time to reflect and prayerfully consider ways to support and grow our church goals throughout the coming year.

In Joyce Rupp’s book Boundless Compassion, she defines compassion as being comprised of three essential movements: awareness, attitude and action. Binkley grows these seeds of compassion in various ways.

Awareness- Awareness of social and environmental issues have been integral to the ongoing

work at Binkley- Outreach projects, Orange County Bail Bond project, Humanitarian Crisis group, Earth Ministries efforts and Music Ministries- just to name a few.

Attitude- ALL ARE WELCOME says it all about Binkley’s attitude! It is also evident in what is

included in our mission statement- “building a compassionate and joyful community” and “pursuing justice and peace in the way of Jesus.”

Action- Action is needed to grow the seeds of compassion. There are many ways as a

congregation to sow the seeds of God’s love by the giving of our time, talents and treasure.

We kickoff our annual Stewardship Campaign, in which we solicit your financial support for the work and mission of Binkley Church, on October 27th. An information session on the Church’s 2020 Asking Budget will be held after worship on November 10th. Our traditional “Walk of Faith” will be on November 17th where you will be given the opportunity during the Sunday morning Worship Service to bring your 2020 pledge card forward.

“Clothe yourselves with compassion” (Col. 3:12). Let it be so at this time of stewardship at Binkley Church through our awareness, attitudes and actions as we grow seeds of compassion.

The Binkley Stewardship Committee,

Linda Hill-Wise, Reid Morrison, Dick McAdams, Kimberly Eastman Zirkle, Susan Preston, Mark Walters, Miles Highsmith, Chon Shoaf