Stewardship 2022

Stewardship 2022
“We Walk by Faith and not by Sight,” wrote Paul to the Corinthians. On Sunday, November 14, our Binkley community will participate in the annual Walk of Faith, our pledge of financial gifts for the 2022 budget. Each year it is understood that we walk our pledge cards forward in faith, but this year that is particularly true. This year, much like last year, we move forward with the pandemic still casting a shadow on all we do and hope to do in the future. It’s the “not by sight” piece that makes the “faith” part, well, faith!

In every respect our congregation is remarkably generous! Since March 2020 giving to the Plan of Ministry, as well as special offerings, has been nothing short of incredible. To every single member and friend we say THANK YOU for contributing your gifts to make ministries possible in this unique time in history.

The 2022 budget is being shaped now for vote of the church later and will be in large part determined by the amount pledged on Nov 14th; not completely (sight) but with confidence that God will provide for our hopes and dreams to be fulfilled (faith). We do our part, and the Spirit will work in ways beyond our knowing. That is true in all years.

At the right, you will find two ways to submit your pledge for 2022 if you are unable to be present for worship on 11/14. I hope you will begin to prayerfully consider what amount you will pledge for the upcoming year, and particularly if you are able to increase (even by a little) your pledge from 2021. 

If we live only by sightedness, our lives may become defined mostly by scarcity. But abundance is continually open to us when we live in/by/with faith. The hopes and dreams of our congregation deserve our intentional prayers and support. This means everyone who names Binkley as their spiritual community (in person and online). Will you join me in praying right now that our Holy Companion on our journey guide our feet to walk and give in faith?

With much affection for each one of you,

Your Pastor