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Stewardship 2023

Beloved Community Stewardship 2030 Banner

This year’s stewardship theme is Beloved Community: Support, Adapt, Thrive.

During this past year we have experienced the joy of what being in a “beloved community” means; from summer retreat settings to Bluegrass & BBQ outdoor worship to small group gatherings of study, service, and fellowship, Binkley is a beloved community of sisters and brothers in Christ—in both practice and in aspiration.

As we launch the annual pledge campaign for our congregation, we do so with much gratitude for the generous gifts you made (and make!) during these last several years of a pandemic in which we have supported existing ministries, adapted to new realities and challenges, and surprise-surprise- surprise we have thrived on many fronts in pursuit of our mission to create joyful and compassionate community, freely explore spiritual paths, and pursue peace and justice in the way of Jesus.

On this page, you will find two ways to submit your pledge for 2023.  Even now please begin to prayerfully consider your pledge amount. As always, this is an essential tool the church utilizes to begin the budgeting process. Only our trusted church administrator, Franklin Hirsch, has access to any of the information you provide. It is our hopeful prayer that through our collected pledges and gifts we will support, adapt, and thrive in ministry as a beloved community in 2023.

Grace and peace,

The Leadership Team at Binkley:
Laura Davidson, Moderator
Alan Brown, Moderator-Elect
Libba Wells, Deacon Chair
Claudia Templeton, Deacon Vice-Chair
Marcus McFaul, Senior Minister