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Stewardship 2024

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This year’s stewardship theme is Give in Harmony

This year’s stewardship theme falls under our big basic Binkley umbrella: Gather, Grow, Give, and Go In Harmony. Yes, even though Gather and Grow are in there first, we’ll focus on the “give and go in harmony” part that closes our Binkley theme.

As is always true at Binkley, we have experienced our sisterhood and brotherhood in Christ in many meaningful ways again this year. And all of these paths are made possible by our operating budget. Rest assured that Binkley is still trying to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. It’s a challenge, and our acceptance of the challenge is reflected both in our aspirations and in our perspiration.

As we launch our annual pledge campaign, we thank you for your generous gifts of past years, particularly those gifts that carried us through the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic recedes, we continue to pursue our mission, including peace and justice in the way of Jesus. We now seek your support for continuing and expanding our many ministries.

On this page, you will find two ways to submit your pledge for 2024. The sum of all our pledges constitutes an anchor point for the church to utilize during our complex budgeting process. Only our trusted business manager has access to any of the information you provide. We pray that through our collected pledges and gifts, we will support, adapt, and thrive in our ministries in the year ahead.

Gather and Grow, Give and Go, in harmony

The Stewardship Committee:
Joe Templeton, Chair
Mark Walters
Chon Shoaf
Susan Rogers