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Our church programs are available for all ages and flow from a desire to love God, each other, and our neighbors.

Christian Formation at Binkley strives to create a variety of sacred spaces in which all people feel welcome and can nurture their spiritual lives no matter where they are on their journey.

Children's Story Time
Youth at Yam Jam
Man and women posing

Our Vision of

Christian Formation

  • We explore Biblical narratives and Christian theology, and we ground ourselves in the traditions of Church.
  • We celebrate God through a variety of forms of music.
  • We foster discussion and encourage action in areas of peace and justice as we strive to be a covenantal community inspired by Christ’s example.
  • We trust that all of the components of Binkley’s Christian Formation program lead to sound character formation for members of this faith community.
  •  We create safe spaces to question, to explore spiritual practices in Christianity and other faith traditions, and to challenge ourselves toward spiritual growth.
  • We provide support for our teachers and intergenerational relationships/mentorships.
  • We foster community, faithful public leadership, social service opportunities, and the pursuit of one’s spiritual vocation.
  • We provide opportunities for all people to experience God’s love within ourselves, in community and in nature.

Upcoming Christian Formation Events

July 2024