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Youth Ministry

Welcome to BYG!

Binkley’s Youth Group gathers weekly during the school year to learn about the teachings of Jesus. Through sharing a meal and participating in a discussion, fun activity, or service project together, we open our hearts and minds to God’s message of love and learn how to share that message with others.


Sunday School

Donuts and Discussion Youth Sunday School is held on the second Sunday of each month in the Pocket Rooms. This is a laidback, conversational-style gathering for youth in grades 6-12. On alternate Sundays, youth gather for hangout time that includes informal discussion and fellowship.

Youth Group

On the second Sunday of each month, you are invited to meet at 5:30 PM in the Longue for Youth Group. The gathering begins with a meal together and is followed by at time discussion, fellowship, and fun.

Youth enjoying time together
Youth picking up sweet potatoes

Service Projects

We seek to be a generous church in the care of one another, our facilities and our wider mission in the world. Youth are invited to participate in projects like Yam Jam and the Bolin Creek Clean Up. Youth also join in other congregation-wide projects held throughout the year to serve those in our church community, wider community, and the world.


By Amy Armstrong

This is your space
created for you
to be you
to be loved
to be kind
to have fun

This is your space
it is imperfect
we are imperfect
church is definitely imperfect
You, he, she, they, we are welcome

This is your space
love justice
learn kindness
see individuals
improve the world.

Binkley Youth Group is your space.

Upcoming Events for Youth

June 2024

Youth Ministry Contact

Amy Armstrong
Minister of Children, Youth, and Young Adults