Adult Sunday School

Winter 2022 Sunday School Offerings

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up above my head (I hear music in the air):

The Hidden Story and the Healing Power of Old-Time Music

with Susan Ketchin & Charles Coble

Offered via Zoom

January 16-February 27, 9:15 am

Through this journey together into the highlights of old-time music, we will begin to create a practice of “freely listening with the heart” that invites you to grow in awareness, peace, and compassion for yourself and others that will sustain you through even the worst of  fear, danger, and divisiveness.



wholehearted faith book study

with Marcus McFaul
In-person* (Lounge) and Zoom
January 16-30, 9:45 am

A three-week study of Rachel Held Evans’ posthumous release, Wholehearted Faith. This class is particularly aimed for those in their late-twenties to mid-forties who have longed for a sense of spiritual wholeness, as well as those who have been hurt by the Church but can’t seem to let go of the story of Jesus.

Mindful Parenting

with Megan & Miles Highsmith
At each meeting, the group discusses ideas about parenting from current resources. The simple format includes prayer, brief check-in, summary of the book or article being shared, and a discussion of prepared questions. Novice and experienced parents and caregivers – all are welcome to share laughter, support, and hope in the journey of parenting. This class will meet in-person outdoors. Please contact Stephanie Ford if you would like to participate.
*Due to the surge in COVID cases in our area, in-person meetings are tentative and announced on a week-to-week basis. Check our homepage for the latest.