Pastor’s Pilgrimage: Official Day 1

Amigos and amigas:

After an almost 24 hour travel day I reached Spain; first in Madrid then to the city of Bilbao in northern Spain, where the Camino de Santiago de Compostela begins for the group.

There are 14 pilgrims on this journey, led by my dear friend Brad Berglund. Already I am feeling deeply connected to these folks. After checking into the hotel several of us (I was exhausted since I had zero sleep on flights) went into Bilbao’s “playa major” for tapas and wine.

Impressions thus far:

Spanish sensibilities toward energy conservation puts the USA to shame

Energy and hospitality of the folks here are off the charts

The Guggenheim Museum (see photos below) along the River is an amazing work of art itself

I’m glad I’m here

With much affection for you

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