Ministry is nothing more and nothing less than being the Body of Christ joined together in common pursuits.

At Binkley our varied ministries range from educational endeavors to participation in issues of social justice. Opportunities for service, growth, and fellowship are available each and every day at Binkley. Our ministries seek to learn, live, and love the gospel of Jesus in ways that are meaningful and purposeful.

Earth Ministries

The Earth Ministries Committee promotes earth care and sustainability, worship opportunities and outreach. Earth Ministries actively collaborates with Binkley ministers and ecumenically with other congregations, to plan Earth care events and action opportunities. The committee also keeps Binkleyites informed about ways they can individually make a difference. For information about this ministry please contact Charles Coble.

Financial Assistance

Binkley provides financial assistance ministry for church members and greater community members who are in financial crisis. The ministry is funded by members of the church primarily through direct giving. Special offering envelopes are provided for this Pastoral Discretionary/Emergency Fund.

Persons from the greater community are encouraged to call the church office at 919-942-4964 to find out if Binkley is providing financial assistance on any given week (sometimes funds are not available to help).  If funds are available, the caller will receive instructions on how to obtain assistance.

Every person is invited into conversation and prayer with a minister even if their financial need cannot be met. All guests are given information about other community resources as well.

Health Ministries

The Binkley Health Ministry Committee focuses on the intersection of health and spirituality.  Some of the committee’s main objectives are planning an annual Healing Service with ministers, providing health related information to the congregation, and offering support services to Binkley and wider community members such as a facilitating a healing shawl ministry, overseeing Margaret’s Health Supply closet, hosting blood drives in conjunction withe the American Red Cross, and maintaining emergency equipment.

Humanitarian Crisis Workgroup

The mission of our Humanitarian Crisis Workgroup is to advocate for marginalized people. We are actively working (through published ads, partnering with other religious/non-religious organizations, hosting speakers, putting up banners, etc.) to urge everyone to speak up when they see injustice. Our work is done by volunteers and we welcome anyone who wishes to work to let others know that the way we are treating people in our country and at our borders is reprehensible!

Youth picking up sweet potatoes


Binkley members are active in a variety of efforts to support justice and peace in our local community and wider world. Some of the organizations or activities where you can become involved as a part of Binkley’s Outreach ministries include: The InterFaith Council for Social Services, Habitat for Humanity, Orange County Bail/Bond Justice Project, The Refugee Resettlement Team, The Racial Reconciliation Ministry, Justice United (JU), and the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America, just to name a few.

Peace & Justice

Peace and Justice Action endeavors to engage the congregation in responding to the prophetic call of Christ by pursuing peace and working for justice. We sponsor opportunities for congregation-wide focus on local and global social issues in the following ways:
  • cooperate in actions with existing justice groups in our own congregation, the wider community, and the world;
  • organize events that include opportunities for learning and action;
  • respond to urgent peace and justice issues in our community and world;
  • pray for peace and justice workers and for all creation suffering from violence and injustice.
Participation in Peace and Justice Action is open to all Binkley members and friends.