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Black Lives Matter Vigil


Our Black Lives Matter Vigils are now held monthly on fourth Saturdays from 12-1 pm

You are welcome to join members of the Binkley Community for our monthly vigil to remember and honor those who have lost their lives due to police brutality.  

This is a vigil and not a protest.  There are no speakers, but standing together for justice is a powerful and empowering way for us to speak our truth – and it matters.  Whether you have one person or 100, it makes a difference.  


  • A sign which conveys a message of antiracism
  • Sunscreen, water, and a chair if you prefer
  • Face mask and hand sanitizer 


  • Participants agree to practice CDC recommended hygiene practices and social distancing at all times.
  • If you are interested in hosting one of the vigils, contact: or 919- 605-5081. 

The following details are important to know if you plan to join us:

  • Bring your own sign (but if you forget, we have some extra signs).  

SIGN IDEAS:  Here is a link to the an NPR posting that lists the names of our brothers and sisters who have been murdered since Eric Garner’s death in July 2014:

  • We have plenty of hand sanitizer as well as leftover signs that have been made/collected and left for others to use for future vigils.  
  • We invite those present to move to the road and remind them to stay at least 6 feet between participants.  We have orange dots spaced 6 feet apart to remind folks of the social distance.  
  • Please come with your mask on and keep a safe distance from 15-501. 
  • Remember that not everyone will share our view and they may show this in different ways.  As hard as it is not to refute these types of messages, to help keep us all safe, it is best to retreat rather than engage in conversation with those wishing to refute our message. Please refrain from any confrontation.

QUESTIONS:  Alice Glover at or call:  919-605-5081.

If you are part of a religious community, we encourage you to come see what we do and then take this Binkley model back to your organization and do what you can to encourage a vigil.

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